Android APP development

Our full-cycle custom Android app development process has helped us to delve deep into the Android world. And we have explored all possible solutions:

  • Smartphones
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Wear
  • Android TV
    • Our developers are dedicatedly delivering eminent class android apps to worldwide customers. Our experts can conveniently help you in conceptualizing, strategizing, designing, building and delivering enterprise quality android applications that are ready to get prime time in the App Store.

      Our team develops, designs, tests, and maintains all sorts of Android applications. We provide a full range of development services and can scale your team with professional developers when necessary.

      Code audit is a service that our team provides to clients with an existing codebase that they want to enhance. Our team reviews and analyzes code quality and makes a list of prioritized improvements that can influence code performance, speed, and stability.

      Development process includes:


      • Analyse your initial requirements
      • Choose experts for your team
      • Create technical documents
      • Build a basic prototype

          • Use a relevant methodology
          • Show code quality regularly
          • Perform User Acceptance Testing
          • Release to production
            • SUPPORT

              • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring
              • Appointing the developers to work with bugs
              • 24/7 assistance