Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis services includes:

  • Competitive Research, Profiles and Assessments
  • Competitive Intelligence Training and Education
  • Market Entry and Defense
  • Competitive Intelligence Monitoring for Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Competitive Organizational Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence Function Development
  • Competitive Early Warning Briefs

Our competitive intelligence solutions backed with analytics have the potential to be a critical part of your company’s marketing plan. Data analysts at South West evaluate what makes your product or service unique and, what attributes you should play up so as to attract your target market.

Competitor Analysis Process includes:

01. Qualitative Data Analysis

At South West, we deploy web-based research methods in qualitative analysis to gather and analyze competitor intelligence information. Our process is as follows –

  • After surveying the qualitative analysis, a detailed report is crafted for the client’s purpose
  • The report is made by getting the data on the internet, extracting the relevant information, and arranging it into a comprehensive and easily understandable format
  • We collect all the important information about the client and their main competitors via web-based research. We then analyze the information and make a detailed report of it by excluding the needless data Quantitative Data Analysis

02. Quantitative Data Analysis

We also carry out a competitor research analysis by using competitor analysis tools to analyze targeted audience data. The particular aspects analyzed in the quantitative data analysis include –

  • Analyze the customers’ data
  • Brand Recall/Equity
  • Find out principle market drivers for your products and services
  • Compare your product and services attributes with that of competitors